Ward De Paepe wins "Solvay Awards"

28 07 2015

Ward De Paepe has been recently awarded with the prestigious Solvay Awards for his PhD thesis. Here is a summary of the work he has presented (more details about the current work can be found here):

Micro Gas Turbines or mGTs are very efficient for the simultaneous production of heat and electric power. However, when there is no demand for heat, the produced heat is not useful and is lost as waste heat, making the mGT less efficient. This waste heat can be recovered by introducing hot water/steam, produced with the waste heat, in the mGT cycle. This so called cycle humidification will increase the efficiency and flexibility of the unit. In my thesis, I designed and analysed experimentally different humidified mGT cycles, showing that the proposed route for waste heat recovery through water injection offers high potential for electric efficiency and flexibility increase without major changes to the mGT cycle.