Roeland De Meulenaere

Roeland De Meulenaere

PhD Researcher

Roeland De Meulenaere obtained his Master of Industrial Sciences in Chemistry from the Katholieke Universteit Leuven (KUL) in 2005 and received a postgraduate in Energy efficiency in buildings at the Universiteit Gent (UG) in 2007.

Until the end of 2018 he was working as a project engineer in Thermodynamics (Process Performance) at Laborelec, the research center of Engie. In this role, he was occupied with the performance of power plants (CCGT, CHP, CFPP, biomass, nuclear power plants, hydro, … in Europe, Asia, Oceania and South America). 

More specific, his activities were:

Performance Monitoring: A self-developed tool to follow up the efficiency online.

Performance testing: To determine the efficiency at standard conditions.

Simulations: Simulations of the power plants in Thermoflow.

Efficiency screenings: Based on historical data, installed equipment and a plant visit, listing up and calculate measures to improve the efficiency.

Datatrail: A detailed check up from the measurement points to the data on the bills, both technical and legally.

Currently, he is a researcher and PhD student at VUB. Under supervision of Pr. Blondeau, he is working on the simulations and the modeling for the Arbaheat project.