SMARTCATs: SMART energy CArriers and Technologies

“Chemistry of Smart Energy Carriers and Technologies SsmartCATMARTCATs is a COST Action started in March 2015. The Action is coordinated by the Istituto di Ricerche sulla Combustione - CNR, and chaired by Mara de Joannon and George Skevis. The Action leverages on a previous COST initiative lead by ERC laureate Frédérique Battin-Leclerc, and proposes the it is motivated by the idea that a new approach for the flexible use of fuel molecules as energy carriers can provide a solution to the world future quest for sustainable, secure and environmentally friendly energy sources. SMARTCATs aims to set-up a Europe-wide network of leading academic and research institutions and key industries, to promote the large-scale use of smart energy carriers (SECs), to increase fuel flexibility and carbon efficiency and to support distributed energy generation strategies.

ULB and VUB will play an important role in SMARTCATs.  Alessandro Parente is the official representative of the Walloon Region in the Management Committee of the Action, and he is in charge of the working group devoted to the large-scale implementation of SECs in innovative technologies. Francesco Contino, and Axel Coussement are representative substitute in the management committee.