FREE: Flexible eneRgy vEctors of the futurE

The overall objective of this project is to solve the challenge of load flexibility with fuel flexibility. To achieve this goal we will undertake a global study about future energy vectors and how to integrate them into a smooth, profitable, and environmentally friendly power production. Using a holistic approach, this project will focus on two intrinsically related aspects: the flexible use of various fuels in the context of a sustainable conversion cycle (see Figure below), and the study of the conversion of existing units towards CO2 capture. Combining the study of both aspects provides a higher level of synergy and a more integrated approach towards the primary objective.


 Combining the expertise of 5 universities (ULB, UGent, UCL, UMONS, and VUB), we will investigate different energy streams and study their potential synergies at the system level, including energy storage.

Some concepts underlying this project are provided in this presentation.

The project is supported by Engie Electrabel and FNRS.